M5 Venture is a leading technology venture and EB-5 Investment firm that provides entrepreneurs with the resources, experience, and connections to build successful companies. M5 Venture invests primarily in early stage and first round growth investments in digital media, software and services, and wireless companies. M5 Venture also focuses on Real Estate based businesses such as Senior Care Centers, Hotels, and Mix Use Buildings, through its three Regional Centers.

M5 Venture has delivered excellence to its shareholders, investors, portfolio firms, and its employees for over twenty years. We are a Growth Capital and EB-5 Investment firm with a carefully selected portfolio of companies. Our focus has been on delivering return on investment to our shareholders, employee development and growth, and scaling high performance companies.

As entrepreneurs, we have been in your shoes, so the M5 Venture team supports the portfolio companies well beyond our financial resources. We share our experiences and perspectives from our own lessons learned, and from our unique skill sets. We also help you steer through the challenges that are often inevitable: tough personnel issues, hiring the right people, creative fund-raising, and sharing the little wins that are oh-so important. We can be a sounding board or be all-ears when needed. Our most important order of business is to ensure the CEO has the right plan and resources to bring the vision to life.

Our EB-5 Investment philosophy dovetails with that of or traditional investments. While you may have a choice of investments for your green card, most of the projects are only loan based that give little regard to ROI. We believe in having our investors as our equity partners, where you can have real skin in the game and create wealth and value while also obtaining your permanent residency.

We also believe in full transparency, integrity, and security. And we have partnered with law firms, banks, and other related entities to ensure a safe EB-5 journey for our investors. We provide sound investment choices in many industrial sectors. And we develop these projects in some of the choicest locations in the United States.

We are not your typical venture firm. Instead, we are leaders at the intersection of business, capital, government, entrepreneurship, and technology.

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