What Sets Us Apart

We are in the business of growing and scaling businesses. Our focus is on having remarkable ROI on all our investments. We have been successfully doing so for the past twenty years. Four key areas that set us apart include:

Choice Locations in the United States

M5 Venture has three Regional Centers to choose from for your investments. We have carefully selected some of the choicest locations in the United States. Not only do these regions have the best climate and industry, they are some of the best places to live in United States. Our Regional Centers cover both sunny west coast and industrial financial districts of New York City and Philadelphia on the East Coast. These regions are culturally diverse with large populations of Chinese, Taiwanese, Iranian, Indian, and Russian immigrants - truly a home away from home for our global investors.

Within our regional centers, you will find highly ranked universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Penn State, UPenn, UCLA, UCSD, USC, UCSF, Caltech, Cornell, NYU, Temple, Drexel, Rutgers, Lehigh, and Villanova. If you are seeking higher education in some of the top Universities of United States, our regional centers are not only great for education, but for sound investment and living as well. Select one of the Regional Centers below for more information and insight.

Equity or Debt Investment

Traditionally, EB-5 Investment Programs have focused on a loan based model, where you hardly make any meaningful interest. With M5 Venture you have choices. You can invest in a project using a debt financing model. Alternately, you can become a part of the American Dream and own a piece of a business. Our Equity Investment option allows you to have a meaningful stake in the business. With either debt or equity investment, you can choose to be a passive investor or take active management role in the business. With our variety of types of investment, we are confident you would like one of them.

Variety of Investment Types

We believe you should invest in something that you like, that is vetted, and that is sustainable…all while getting you a Green Card and a Return on Investment. With M5 Venture, you have a choice. Select from the following investment types for more information:

Benefits of EB-5 Program

Learn more about the EB-5 Investor Visa Program and how M5 Venture can help you with the process.

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